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Farms are our foundation. As farms grow stronger, healthier, and more independent, so do we.

Studio Hill

Shaftsbury, Vermont — A generational family farm since 1936, and a Savory Influencer Hub since 2019, Studio Hill is a proud producer of pasture-raised lamb and chicken for Southshire Meats. Farmers and owners, Jesse and Cally, work hard every day to create a healthy, clean, thriving, and abundant landscape for the future generations of their family and community. Studio Hill is also a great place to see the regenerative power of Holistic Management in action through the farm’s popular Farm Stay program.

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Haystack Farmstead

Pawlet, Vermont — Haystack Farmstead, managed by Breya and Brian Leach and home to their two sons, is a diversified regenerative farm that has been raising grass-fed beef with planned grazing since 2015. Comprised of 150 acres of woodlands and 150 acres of pasture and croplands, the farm is rich with opportunity and biodiversity. A typical ride through the wild apple silvopastures will reveal wild turkeys, deer and countless songbirds thriving alongside the cattle. Caring for land, livestock and people in this setting can hardly be called “work”. Brian and Breya are committed to securing the viability of this lifestyle to help others thrive within it.

Starting in 2021, Haystack began raising poultry for Southshire meats and is on track to earn Savory’s Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) next season. With Southshire’s help, Haystack aims to increase stocking densities on the farm as fertility improvements allow, leveraging Southshire’s branding and distribution to connect with regional markets.

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Green Mountain Grazing

Pownal, Vermont — Green Mountain Grazing at Fairland Farm is a 65-acre pasture and woodland property in Pownal Vermont. Chelsea and Hogan began management in March of 2021 and immediately started grazing the land with livestock and poultry.

Chelsea and Hogan are working to ensure the property becomes a productive and ecologically thriving small farm. They help and encourage the animals to express their natural roles in the environment and then enjoy watching the land come roaring back to life.

As part of their partnership with Southshire, Chelsea and Hogan have starting tracking the land’s regeneration through Savory’s Ecological Outcome Verification program and are on track to be verified as regenerative next season.

Green Mountain Grazing welcomed their first lambs born on the property in Spring of 2021.

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