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Working Toward Regional Regeneration

Southshire Meats was born out of a need and desire to regenerate our landscapes, economies, and rural communities.

We are a team of people focused on producing regeneration—ecologically, economically, and socially. We work every day to create healing, hope, and abundance for the regions in which we live.

Our Holistic Management of the land produces proven and verified ecological benefits. We’re regenerating the natural resources of the land by rebuilding the natural cycles of the land—with natural animals eating natural diets in natural environments.

In order to achieve the regeneration of a region, we must address the root causes of our decades of degradation.

For too long, we have embraced a corporate industrial food system that creates dependence and scarcity—a system that degrades land to the point of infertility—a system that leaves rural communities at the mercy of distant forces beyond their reach or influence.

The economic wealth of any rural region is founded upon its ecological health—its ability to produce from the lands, the waters, and the sunlight that shines upon them.

The downward fertility spiral created by the industrial management of biological systems has led to the collapse of one thousand farms per year in our region. Through the Holistic Management of livestock, Southshire Meats can repair the land’s natural systems and cycles, and return resilience and abundance to fragile and damaged landscapes.

We are changing that.

Our farmer community is proving the regenerative power of holistically-managed livestock every year. With simple land management changes and new agricultural infrastructure, we can return life to the soil.

We can create positive fertility feedback loops that make farms and the lands that surround them healthier, more abundant, and more resilient.

We’ve started rebuilding the regional agricultural infrastructure necessary for raising livestock holistically. We’ve started building a strong community of farmers and farming families. We have built an economic model that properly rewards farmers for their work.

For our kids. For our communities. For the Earth.

Join us.

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