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A Journey Ten Years in the Making...

In 2012, two Vermont farmers saw the need for a better way to feed ourselves—while regenerating the land.


Abundance. Resilience. Nourishment.

We're a local grassroots initiative—driven by farmers—to rebuild our own regional food system.


Built by Farmers. Built for Families.

We're building this company to reward good work—for the environment, for our families, for our communities.

We’re more than a meat company.

We’re rebuilding the regional food system to promote resilience and regeneration.

As farmers, we work every day to build soil, clean water, store carbon, and promote biodiversity. And now, with Southshire Meats, we’re building a system that rewards regenerative land managers appropriately for that vital work.

Let us show you what we've built. Learn More

Backed by Science

We’re working closely with scientific partners—including Hudson Carbon—to ensure that the food we produce is creating real and measurable ecological benefits in the environments our producers manage.

Verified Regeneration

Every producer in our network is—or is working toward—producing ecological regeneration as a result of their farming operations that have been verified by the Savory Institute’s Land to Market Program.

Part of a Holistic System

We are one whole within the holistic regional food system that RFN is building to nourish all stakeholders, reduce waste, and enrich all workers within the system.

Real Nature-Based Climate Solutions.
Real Nature-Based Foods.

We’re building a regenerative food & goods marketplace. Coming Soon!

All-Natural Sheepskins

Grass-Fed Beef

Pastured Chicken

Grass-Fed Lamb

Your lamb is suuuuper mild. The best I have ever tasted.

Mark RitzOwner, Carnivore Snax
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